The Brockers Youth Foundation (BYF), created by Faith and Michael Brockers, was founded to support underserved youth organizations with additional resources to help all kids fulfill their dreams and exceed their potential. 

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2020 Family Christmas Grants 

This year we were honored to support families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Los Angeles and Houston with gifts and gift cards to make Christmas special. Click the videos below to learn more!

2019-2020 Reading Log Challenge

Literacy is a key component to exceeding academic potential. In order to encourage kids to read MORE than what their teachers are requiring, we partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of Conejo Valley. All clubbers were asked to submit their reading logs to their club director and then upload a video below of what they learned from their books, what they liked about their books and what they are excited to read next! 

We awarded some very deserving students tickets to a Rams home game and look forward to continuing to inspire students in the upcoming school year!